Hurricane Bong Bags

These Hurricane Bong Bags will keep your Hurricane Bong protected when travelling in places containing traditionally hard areas such as floors and walls, which have always had something of a rocky relationship with most kinds of glass articles.

The Hurricane Bong is renowned for its toughness, with videos on YouTube of them being hurled onto the floor and being kicked around (just search for Hurricane Bongs or check the Favourites on our EDITMovies YouTube account). But glass is glass and even the mighty Hurricane pipes can still be chipped, blemished and occasionally broken with extreme application to an unrelenting surface such as a road. These bong bags defiantly refute breakage and deny damage even exists.

The Hurricane bong bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, one main front-zipper to open the bag, two Velcro side-compartments for all your accessories and gear, an additional compartments for safely holding your down pipes, bowls and anything else you may need to fully appreciate your Hurricane bong. They are available in Black or Russian Camouflage designs.


Hurricane Bong Bags
Hurricane Bong Bags

Win a custom-made Hurricane bong!


  • DotonShaft

    Hey, please check your email, I emailed you about a week back about helping with an issue with a product from Edit. I’m not receiving replies from customer support, and want to get this sorted soon.

    Also, these bags look solid, don’t own a Hurricane but would work with lots of other tubes as well

  • adam brooks

    Well EDIT is amazing and it would be bad ass to win a bong bag from the best company in the world =)

  • TheEditor

    No bong bags to be won, but a whole Hurricane bong itself with a one-off custom design. Check the Latest Giveaway Page. Not long now until we close it and somehow determine a winner, probably by some random means so as to avoid corruption.

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