It’s 4:20 somewhere lets light up a Bowl!

The perfect hit relies on good equipment, good quality material and good technique. Team EDIT have prepared this simple, beginner’s guide to loading the perfect bowl into a traditional bong or waterpipe. Enjoy!


Starting Out

Most glass bongs have a removable bowl slide which slides into or onto the ground joint. To start out, remove the bowl slide and place it on a flat surface with a tray or plate underneath to catch any accidentally spilled herbage. Take your herb and break off a piece that is roughly the amount you want to smoke. Obviously, some bowls are bigger than others, but a general rule of thumb would be a piece somewhere around the size of a gaming die.


Time to get your Grind On

You’ll need to shred your herb before you load the bowl in order to maximise the surface area and help it burn more evenly. Place your material into your herb grinder and grind for a few seconds. You are only breaking the herb up here, this does not need to be a particularly fine or consistent grind like you would need for a herbal cigarette. If you don’t have a grinder then you can use a pair of sharp scissors inside a shot glass, or just your fingers to tear it apart.

Load Her Up

Once you have your ground herb you are ready to load the bowl. If your bowl has a large hole in the bottom, you may need to use a gauze or screen. This will help prevent the material from falling through into your waterpipe. We recommend using a gauze made from an inert material that won’t taint the flavour of your herbs – titanium, stainless steel or glass are the best options – alternatively, you can simply tear off a larger piece of herb and place that in the bottom of the bowl and load your ground up herb on top of that. Fill the bowl with your ground herb and lightly tamp down with your thumb. You are aiming for a full bowl but not too tightly packed otherwise it will be difficult to smoke. Make sure all the material is fully inside the bowl – the herb will expand when you light it – slide the bowl onto your piece and get ready to fire up.



We recommend using hemp wick to light bongs: the flame is easily controlled and the natural hemp and beeswax does not affect the flavour of the smoke. Obviously, you can just use a regular butane lighter, however this means you will be inhaling some harmful butane when you hit the pipe. Clear your lungs and inhale slowly as you hold the flame over the bowl. Once the bowl is lit you can extinguish the flame straight away. When your lungs are nearly full, you need to clear the chamber. Depending on the design of your bong, this involves either opening up the carb hole or removing the bowl slide, causing the remaining smoke to rush through the pipe and finish the hit.
Repeat this last step until the bowl is cashed – that means all the herb has been burned and smoked – and refill when necessary. Remember to keep your glass nice and clean and replace your gauze from time to time – your hits will taste cleaner and smoother that way.

Congratulations! You now know how to load and smoke the perfect bowl. Share the love and keep it EDIT.

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