No one likes to smoke out of a bong covered in ash, debris, residue, grime and gunk, but cleaning your piece can be a tedious experience if you let it go too long.  However, with the right products, it’s a pretty easy chore and really does make a difference. Our simple guide gets you going in no time.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

1. Just like cleaning most anything, do your best to rinse with warm water to loosen the residue before adding any products. Give the bong a good swirl and don’t forget to use stoppers or you will cover yourself with some gross-smelling water. Rinse and repeat.

2. Now you’ve gotten rid of the loose gunk add some bong cleaner in there, and start to agitate it around your bong. The stoppers will keep everything where it should be, a good quality cleaner will get rid of all that oily residue and tars. If you find you are struggling to get some of the harder to reach places clean – just throw in some regular salt (not rock salt) and this will help loosen any stuck on debris.

3. Use an anti-lime solution to rid the bong of the milky build-up that results from using tap water, rinse and repeat until the glass is clear.


4. For the more hard-to-reach areas, tools like long Q Tips work wonders and are cheap. Pro Tip: Don’t use bristle brushes you will make micro scratches in your piece which over time will turn it milky.

5. After all the lathering, rinsing, repeating and pipe-cleaning, give the bong one last good rinse with hot water to clean out any last bits of grime and then wait a few minutes for the glass to cool. If you turn it upside down all the water should evaporate out and run out and your piece will have a squeaky clean finish.

6. There you have it. If you find yourself having a particularly hard time getting the residue to loosen up, try soaking the piece in hot water for a few hours before you try again with the steps above.


Final Pro Tip:

For downstems and bowls that are proving hard to clean get a zip-lock bag and pour in some bong cleaner. Throw in your slide and downstem and leave overnight. In the morning rinse in hot water and voila! Clean as a whistle and you can re-use the bong cleaner too. Just seal the bag for the next cleaning cycle – don’t leave it so long next time!

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