Carrying on the tradition of highlighting great pieces of design and functionality from our catalogue, we bring you one of Hops Inline glass bongs.

Hops embodies innovation, displayed by the fact that he invented the inline percolator! In terms of inline bongs, look no further than this genius in the industry. The glass blower embodies style, functionality, quality and most importantly smoothness.

This Hops astronauts bong has 2 very elegantly drawn astronauts sandblasted onto the tube creating a unique, one-off piece from the Hops collection.

This glass bong is stemless and comes with a pull out style gauzeless bowl that fits perfectly into a 14.5mm joint. This goes into a bent tube that feeds smoke into the inline percolator. The inline percolator is horizontal making the bong resemble the letter ‘t’. Once smoke is passed and treated through the perc, it feeds up into the tall straight tube towards the mouthpiece.

This bong has a red Hops logo on both the bowl and the straight tube.

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