Do you use that trusty butane lighter every time you spark up? Maybe just maybe you shouldn’t trust it as much as you always have. The toxic butane and other chemicals inside of that lighter from the gas station can be avoided simply by utilizing a hemp wick. What IS a hemp wick you ask? Well well well, we are glad you came over here and asked…



The flint dust and residual butane in lighters can cause nasty coughs, headaches, drowsiness, and muscle weakness. Using woven hemp fibers covered in beeswax or other natural oils is an organic way of ensuring that you are only inhaling nature’s gases. Little known factoid: Burning beeswax during your sesh can increase creativity, dream activity, and intuition in your pituitary gland. A better smell and taste also earn high marks.

A full flavor and aroma due to its all natural nature, hemp is the obvious choice to light other hemp related products you may be smoking. Lighting with a hemp wick causes less strain on your lungs. Also when sharing a bowl with a friend or two, hemp wick allows you to burn from the bowl’s corner evenly and fully, never wasting or roasting too much or not getting enough product lit to inhale. Conserving your product in this way is rad as well.



Easy Start

  1. Get yourself started by wrapping enough hemp wick around your lighter in the fashion of a spool
  2. Light the end of the wick carefully and if you are in a windy area, make sure to shield the open flame with your hand
  3. Place your lit hemp wick on the corner of the bowl and take a deep pull from your chosen apparatus
  4. When you are done enjoying the ultimate flavor and fluidity of a hemp wick smoke, make sure to put out the wick fully when you are all done

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