Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade

Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade by Hanf Natur®is tender bio full milk chocolate with peeled and roasted food hemp. It has a tender bloom with a luxuriously exquisite taste.


Living healthily in a natural way is the healthiest way to live naturally and healthy living is the key to natural health.

Hanf Natur Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade


·         Raw cane sugar

·         Cream powder

·         Cocoa butter

·         Hempseed

·         Cocoa mass

·         Vanilla

·         Cocoa solids: 35% minimum

·         Milk solids 27%


 Hanf Natur Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade May Contain Traces of Wheat


2 thoughts on “Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade”

  1. I’ll review it for a free sample. =P

    I plan to add a bar to my next order, for less than a $5 it seems worth a try to me.

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