This HoodLamb Classic Jacket is thoroughly tested and improved more and more towards perfection. Over the years, the Classic HoodLamb hemp coat has evolved into a jacket that’s every man’s best friend in the Winter months. It is truly is the ultimate activity jacket, making sure your are never left in the cold and featuring great functionalities like e a rolling paper dispenser, secret pocket and special game and music pockets.

The HoodLamb Tech 4-20 is the jacket made for gadget freaks. Taking it back to the streets with clever sleeve pockets which make sure your cell phone and music device are always within the shake of an arm’s reach. The hemp HoodLamb Tech 4-20 has a thinner Satifur lining than the Classic HoodLamb, making it more suitable for milder Winter days.

Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Jackets For Men

  • HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Tech420 Black
  • HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Black
  • HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Brown
  • HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Navy
  • HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Khaki

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