All THTC t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are 100% organic (55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton) and created under fair conditions in factories that are regularly monitored. Each t-shirt is Hypoallergenic, meaning that the material is suitable for all skin types. They also have Thermodynamic properties; so, in the cold they’ll heat, in the heat they’ll cool!

THTC t-shirts employ the very best in design, conforming to EU standards while offering amazing selection and quality. These t-shirts will not twist in the wash, and are pre-shrunk to ensure that they do not drop any sizes after washing. Hemp is, by nature, an organic crop. It is one of the fastest growing crops and has become more useful and practical as the years pass by.

55% hemp, 45% organic cotton. This is Urban Eco Wear for the street, with real flair and a quality that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the very best in modern, streetwise clothing.

THTC works with the biggest names in the underground scene; from DJ’s and MC’s to graffers and B-Boys. Some of the biggest and most renowned names in the scene have fully endorsed these superb quality t-shirts, with respected music artists like Goldie, Wu Tang Clan, MC GQ, Mixologists, Goldie Lookin Chain, Rodney P and many more happy to wear the coolest, hippest t-shirts around!

THTC Accessories

There are many more designs and colours to choose from in the Hemp Products aisle of the shop.

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