Now as you all know, here @ EDiT we continually strive to be best, which is why we recruited your assistance in helping us improve… well… us!

So we would like to proudly present the fruits of your (and our) labour…

Introducing the NEW EveryoneDoesIT Helpdesk!

With this, our new helpdesk, you will be issued with a Ticket Number, this number guarantees that someone at EveryoneDoesIt will read your communication. Most of all it allows us to ensure we are giving you the best possible customer service experience, whilst ensuring our dedicated Customer Service team are given the tools they need to get their job done.

We hope you enjoy, and find this NEW service useful… as always feedback is welcome!


  • Sue.H

    FANTASTIC!!. I never know if you receive my emails so I end up sending you multiple emails until you reply back. You must hate seeing my email address pop up lol. Sorry EDIT.

  • ted_b

    that’s a great idea for customers experiencing problems with their order. it doesn’t happen often but as sue.H said when it does it’s a pain in the *. this should help everyone.

  • Sue.H

    I’ve had quite a lot of problems with EDIT in the past due to the lack of communication but since the helpdesk started i’m seriously impressed now. Any queries I have they reply back super fast. I’m most definitely going to be ordering a lot more from you guys in the future. EDIT, you really are the best online head shop. Thank you.

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