Helping Us Help You…

Calling all the EDiT-faithful we require your help!

Here @ we pride ourselves on ambition to be the best, and thus we continually strive to improve our service and stay #1.

Now this is where YOU, the EDiT-faithful come in…

We have compiled a little survey to help us identify what you guys are happy with and what we need to improve.

Despite the fact you will have our eternal gratitude, there are also 1 of 10 awesome glass pipes up for grabs once you have completed the survey.

It literally takes 5 minutes, and it could be the quickest, easiest prize you have ever won.

Just click HERE to take the survey!

35 thoughts on “Helping Us Help You…”

  1. survey completed….personally i love your site…I’ve just been waiting a long time to see some roor techs and for the weed-star epic pre-cooler to come back in stock

  2. Completed survey, how will u no if u won?

    Only thing I would improve is your phone lines. Its near impossible to.get ahold of u guys.
    Jyst a suggestion
    Love u.guys tho!

  3. completed the survey, and there was nowhere to write the comments i wanted to so im just gonna whack them here:
    I love your site and use it regularly. i have recommened it to many people, and i especially love the wristbands that i get when i order πŸ™‚ i find it easy to contact you if i have problems through e-mail or your facebook site. the only criticism i have is that alot of the stuff that i want to order is out of stock, meaning that i get left ordering different things that arn’t as good or i have to wait (quite often a very long time) for it to come back into stock.
    Many thanks, Charlie

  4. completed.

    love the site, organisation of bongs and parts could be a bit better but other than that you are the best headshop in the UK dudes. keep it up!

  5. Only website of its kind. Always fast shipping, responsive customer service, and i love the freebies with big purchases. Ive been ordering from you guys since i was 18 and ive never had a problem.

  6. Just completed survey! Would love to see more 14.5mm bowls come back in stock. Favorite smoke site of all time!!

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