This new vaporizer pen from Grenco Science has been developed in conjunction with Skate Mental, the iconic, Californian skateboarding brand.

The Skate Mental Vaporizer is based on Grenco’s Micro G-Pen which has been released in various different skins including this one, and the much-anticipated Snoop Dogg version.

Skate Mental - MicroG Survival Speaker Case Vaporizer

The Micro G vaporizer pen can be used with dried herbs and tobacco blends, and includes a herbal heating tank for just that purpose, however it’s truly comes into it’s own when used with sticky concentrates and oils – particularly thick, viscous oils and extracts.  The pen produces thick clouds of tasty vapour that is high is natural flavours and lower in toxins, carcinogens and particulates than regular smoke – this is a healthier way to enjoy the beautiful natural flavours and active ingredients from herbs and herbal extracts.

The Skate Mental Micro G stands out for a few reasons:  Styled in the uncompromising bright orange that is synonymous with Skate Mental, this vaporizer pen certainly nails your colours to the mast.

MicroG Survival Speaker Case Vaporizer by Grenco Science Inc.

The vape pen comes packaged with an array of tools and extras in a stunning, collectable case – again themed with Skate Mental imagery.

This special Skate Mental version of the Micro G also comes complete with a survival speaker case, allowing you to take your tunes with you wherever you may be skating or indeed, vaping.

This great quality vaporizer pen from Grenco Science comes in at well under the average price for a vaporizer of this quality and versatility.  With all the additional extras thrown in, the Skate Mental Micro G is an absolute bargain!  This is sure to be a popular choice with the skating / 7:10 community and would make an ideal Christmas gift for the skating mentalist in your life.

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