We love our glass here at EDIT – nothing else gives quite the same taste and purity of flavour which is why we stock our huge range of glass bongs, pipes, bubblers and slides, sourced from all over the world.

Today, we focus on our range of American art glass from some of the most celebrated artists in the US.

This 30cm Inline Concentrate Bubbler from Headdies Glass is purpose made for enjoying your favourite waxy oils and concentrates.  The scientific glass bubbler features a slightly angled mouthpiece allowing you to enjoy this piece from a relaxed, reclined position – the neck tapers inwards slightly towards the chamber meaning you could introduce a couple of ice cubes into the mix to cool the action down.  The silky smooth vapour produced by this bubbler comes courtesy of the stemless, inline slit diffuser which breaks the smoke or vapour up giving it the milky texture that today’s connoisseurs demand.  This Headdies Bubbler comes complete with a medical-grade titanium ladle for handling your sticky stuff.  The bowl is a standard size and requires no gauze.  The whole, stunning piece is finished with a 22-carat gold Headdies logo down the length of the mouthpiece.  A genuine American art glass piece imported exclusively by EDIT for our beloved EDIT-Heads.  Available now with free shipping.

The Human Heart Inline Glass Bong from Hops features an incredibly intricate inline percolator system that was pioneered by Hops himself.  The water pipe stands 390mm tall atop a robust circular base.  The whole piece is made from the finest quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass making it incredibly tough and durable.  This stemless bong has a gauzeless slide that fits the 14.5mm joint perfectly.  Smoke from the bowl feeds into the inline perc which breaks it up for unbeatable smoothness before it is fired into your lungs through the tall, straight tube.  The bong is decorated with a sand-blasted image of a human heart and the famous Hops logo in red.  Hops glass is very sought after due to its unquestionable beauty and the maker’s superb innovation.  Available now from EDIT with free shipping.

These are just a couple of examples of from our full range of American Glass – browse our complete collection and find the perfect piece for you.

All-American Glass exclusive to EDIT – Accept no substitutes.

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