We’ve got a great section of glassware for any occasion on site at the moment, but it’s always so difficult to find the best place to start, well that’s not a problem, let EDIT direct you to our friends over at HEADDIES!!!
15" Beaker Glass Bongs by Headdies                20cm Showerhead Concentrate Bubbler by Headdies            45cm Beaker 8 Arm Tree Perc Pinstripe Glass Bong by Headdies
A brilliant selection of glassware with many, MANY styles that will suit even the advanced smoker out there, available in a range of Beaker Bottom, Straight tubes, Percs and even a great little addition, the gift sets!
Micro Glass Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser Perc by Headdies              Micro Oil Rig 4 Arm Tree Diffuser Perc Gift Set by Headdies Glass                Micro Oil Rig with Standard Diffuser by Headdies
This is a perfect little gift for the special someone, and that special someone includes indulging yourself (you know you deserve it really……go on!), comes complete with a concentrator Micro Bubbler, Pack of Heddies Papers, Grinder and Headdies own airtight tin, all secured in an official Headdies collectors box.
So now we’ve pointed you in the right direction, get a HEAD start on one of our finest selection of glassware around!

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