Heading to your brick and mortar neighborhood head shop? Don’t want to look like a total newbie? That guy with the fake dreads might look silly to you right now, but imagine your embarrassment when he scoffs after you confuse “bubbler” with “bat”. Never fear, here’s a vocabulary list of lesser known industry terminology just for you!


  • Adapter – Changes the angle, sex, and size of the joint on a piece




  • Bubbler – Small water pipe to cool smoke as you burn dry herbal mixture
  • Bat – One hitter
  • Carb – Hole on side of hand pipe used to clear the chamber of a smoking utensil
  • Concentrate/Dab Rig – A piece to vaporize waxes or other non-flower substances with


dab rig819


  • Cone – Pre-rolled papers for dry herb drop in
  • Dabber – A tool to scoop and place concentrates with
  • Diffused Downstem/”Diffy” – Slits on both sides of bottom area create instant percolation in your pipe
  • Dry Piece – A pipe that does not require water to function




  • Enail – An electronic dabbing nail
  • Fumed – Gold or silver baked into glass designs
  • Glass on Glass – Glass pipe with glass ground joint construction
  • Heady glass – One of a kind artistic pieces. Usually elaborate and detailed, very high value and craftsmanship



  • Ice Pinch/Notch – Small inward points inside the body of your bong to hold ice up in order to pre-cool smoke
  • Keck Clip – Small clip to hold downstem in place
  • Line Work – Wig wag or stripe pattern spun into the glasswork
  • Nectar Collector – A hand pipe for consuming concentrates




  • Pollen Press – Press used to turn pollen into a puck
  • Splash Guard – Extra tube in chamber to catch back splash from water pipes
  • Stemless – No removable downstem
  • Water Pipe – Bong




  • Worked – Slang for unique art or designs on glass pieces


Go forth, dabbing dabblers and pros alike. Use these pro terms like a champ and happy seshing!

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