It’s a very special welcome to a new addition here at EDIT. The Wooden Curved Tower Bong by Wooden Blast, and what a beautifully designed creation we have for you.

Wooden Curved Tower Bong – Wooden Blast

These hand crafted 35cm tall bongs are created from carefully selected Polish Ash, giving each piece a unique grain and colour, so no two are the same. In addition the wood is impregnated with Polish beeswax, sealing the wood and producing a flavour the true smoking connoisseur will appreciate to the fullest.

Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong – Wooden Blast

The production methods of each Wooden Curved Tower Bong by Wooden Blast gives durability, grip, quality and a stunning looking piece that we’re sure anyone would be proud to have as part of their collection.

Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong – Wooden Blast

Wooden Blast, always looking to improve on their products, also present the bong in a carefully crafted bespoke wooden box. This is not just simply for presentation though, the box is packed with hay from the local meadow, as well as protecting from knocks and drops while in transit, the hay helps remove those unpleasant burnt tobacco smells, just simply rinse the waterpipe after use.

With a long tradition of crafting wood throughout the family you will find a quality piece from Wooden Blast, with care and craftsmanship taken in every Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong they produce, you can be assured of a quality smoke.

This is sure to be a good seller, popular with bong and waterpipe collectors.  The Wooden Blast range is available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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