Happy new year from Everyonedoesit.com

2010 is upon us and it is by far the most futuristic date we have ever had. 2000 was good because we got to say ‘thousand’ which was a nice change from ‘nineteen’. But we’ve had nine bloody years of it now and it’s a bit old hat. The very future itself has arrived and the year ahead is the fantastically science-fiction-sounding Twenty-Ten.

The film Blade Runner is set nine years from now. A little ambitious to be mining Mars by then maybe, but who knows what the clever clogs of the world will come with in the coming years. I’m looking forward to portable telephones that have some kind of additional calculator function.

So, goodbye 2009. You were a bit crap to be honest and I’m glad you’re going to die tonight, but here’s to you all the same. Let’s all be very proud of ourselves as we chalk another year off. Let’s drive our hover cars carefully, eat healthy pill food responsibly, and power all our homes via the electrical currents running through our brains. And don’t forget to vote for android rights!

The happiest possible new year to you all from everybody at Everyonedoesit.com.


2009.... it's.... time to die....
2009…. it’s…. time to die….



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2.      Get new EDIT wristbands including Glow in the Dark and Camouflage versions.

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4.      Examine all of our product prices to ensure they are ultra competitive and that we are giving our customers the best deals possible.

5.      Get that odd bloke who writes the blog another heater by his desk. 😉


  • DotonShaft

    Yay edit! Happy new years to everyone. And haha was watching blade runner 2 days ago thinking the same thing lol when will our inventions catch up to our imaginations?

  • Trey

    mmmmm me like camo wrist band me want, me want ! also what about a glow in the dark camo wrist band? kind of defeats the purpose but hey ! me think cool idea..hmm, me goto bed now.

  • moonstar

    Happy new year EDIT! Simply by far the best site on the web to this date. Keep up the good work and I’m definitely gonna have to get one of those glow in the dark wristbands sometime in the future lol. Cant wait to see all the goodies that will come along this year!

    To all Happy New Year and happy holidays!

  • sup every1 hope yall had a good year its been a while since ive been on here but now reading they r goin to up some things im back glad to hear about the wristbands u need a red and blue 1 also just a thought ive been smokin on my illadelph coil condenser and nothin compares to a super froaen hit like that

  • chungboyz

    Yo thanks for a great 2009 edit, it wouldnt have been the same without all that glass and the blitz grinder i won.

    Yo rooradelph hope ur enjoying that ashcatcher you one too.

    Damn id love a coil condensor jus have to settle for my home made one.

  • belgianfred


    With this new year i sincerly hope that the way you treat customers did not change.

    I ordered and paid a order the 16/12/2009 and i still did not have any answer despite the fact that i’m trying to mail them for 2 weeks now.
    Order : n°1400311‏
    Date of payement : 16/12/2009
    Montant : 32.79 euros

    I’m very surpised to have no ansmwer from them, normally they are really professional.
    I hope i will have more informations soon.

    thanks for reading me.

  • TheEditor

    Belgianfred, we haven’t received the payment for the order yet, which is why it hasn’t been sent out. i spoke to customer service who told me they have informed you of this.

    I will ask them to double check everything, but there is not much we can do until the payment turns up.

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