Grinding up your herbs is as crucial to an everyday smoking routine as buying that sweet med or recreational use cannabis in the very first place. The size, smoothness of grind, compartment count, and keif screens are heavy factors to consider while shopping for your new treasure grinder, but check out these 5 brands that have us drooling with names backed by trust.

Phoenician Engineering

Phoenician is named for its home of Phoenix Arizona USA. The perfect craftsmanship of these grinders is known throughout the industry. Most models of Phoenician grinders are available in a variety of colors and diameter measurements. Aluminum aerospace grade body and teeth are hardcore. Each grinder comes with a serial number code so you know you are getting the real thing. A notch locking system will give you peace of mind that you herb is pratfall protected, too.


The Kannastor family of grinders brings some major functionality to the table. Not only will these little shred demons grind your stash like buttah, the sleek and artsy design elements such as frosted glass make them total treats. Gems for sure, the Kannastor line of grinders usually has a cannabis storage element involved. Bonus for those of you shredding mucho herb on the go. Interchangeable mulch screens are easy to switch out and durable.

Space Case

The stash cases and grinders created by Space Case are titans of the world when it comes to your sifting needs. The ultimate grinder since 1998, Space Case has got the game on lock. Very often copied but never actually recreated, the power of these herbal grinders is unmatched. The aerospace grade materials these sifters are constructed with are massively top notch.

Compton Grinders

Compton Grinders has been going through a sort of brand redo in recent years. The gangster font is replaced by a more mainstream/digestible typeface, and the colors are getting a bit more feminine. Compton Grinders understand that the marijuana industry is changing and CG is going along for the transformative ride. You can bet the insides of these sifters are still hard as all get out, though, backed by years of engineering experience.

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  • I liked this post. Indeed really informative for me. Grinding herb is the very important, it unlock the flavour of herb and also smell fantastic. Moreover it is easy to roll the joint.

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