The smoker’s grinder is perhaps the most trusted accessory in the box.  A good one will provide many years of service, pulverising your herbs and tobacco blends into powdery goodness, ready for rolling.

Here at EDIT, we understand that every smoker has his or her particular preference when it comes to grinders – from small to giant, acrylic to titanium, 2-piece up to 5-piece, manual or battery powered – whatever your grinder of choice, we have it here for you; all under our price match guarantee with same day dispatch if you order before 4:20pm.

Easyleaf Electric Grinder – Shock Proof

The Easyleaf Electric Grinder takes all the effort out of your daily grind.  Equipped with a 9v motor, the Easyleaf rapidly spins its blades to reduce even the toughest plant matter to a fine powder suitable for immediate use or future compression.  The secret to the Easyleaf grinder’s ease of use is it’s use of centrifugal forces which separate the finely ground herbs from the lighter, dusty residue.  The herbs drop through the rotors into a designated chamber, while the dusty residue collects in the machine’s lid.  A superb, auto grinder ideal for those who find the grinding process difficult or strenuous, or those who just want to do it like a boss!

When showcasing our range of grinders, we simply have to include the all-conquering Thorinder from After Grow.  In it’s short time on the EDIT shelves the Thorinder has rocketed into our top-sellers list.  As the name suggests, the Thorinder is inspired by the Norse God of thunder, Thor.  The 4-part herb grinder is made from premium quality anodized aluminium and stainless steel.  At a heroic 62mm across, the Thorinder is one of the larger grinders we offer and is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs and tobacco, which the razor-sharp, lightning bolt shaped teeth will pulverise into the perfect consistency.  The Thorinder features a clear top, so you can see the magic happening in real time.  Each grinder comes packaged in a cool presentation box, complete with a nifty cleaning tool.

These are just two of the many, many grinders we offer at – we have grinders of all shapes and sizes with prices to suit every pocket.  Browse our full collection HERE and choose the right grinder for you.

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