Gremlins Don’t Respect Christmas – Its Official

The first fork full of turkey had just hit G-Man’s mouth when the alarm bells started ringing back at EDIT HQ. As the EDIT faithful will have noted, the website has been down for more than 24 hours, it appears that the servers that house EDIT were relocated and we seem to have not got the memo!

We can only lay the blame for this at the feet of the Gremlins that call at every organisation now and again, its official “Gremlins Don’t Respect Christmas”. G-man’s turkey is in the dog, his cracker has been pulled and all his presents are back under the tree but never fear EDIT is back now and won’t be going anywhere soon!

Don’t forget you guys that the VAT Increase is not going to effect any of the EDIT prices as the G-man has decided that there is NO VAT INCREASE, take advantage of his extraordinary generosity by filling your basket with all your favourite goodies at 2010 prices!


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