It only took 3 board meetings, 14 pads of paper and 2 cement mixers of coffee to come up with the perfect title, well chuffed!

Ok back to the product at hand and this is currently holding its own amongst the big boys of our Paper Range, introducing the new and highly recommended, WINNER OF THE EUROPEAN PRODUCT AWARD 2011………………….Greengo!

That’s true, and rightly so.
With a selection of unbleached papers (making this sit comfortably amongst the healthy bunch of accessories) available in Kingsize OR Regular, they are 100% TCF meaning they’re totally Chlorine Free, which can only be a good thing.

Oh, and even the packaging is made from recycled paper…….

Now the Humidifying Stone is a great way to prevent your tobacco from drying out, all you need to do is literally add a few drops of water to this and keep it in your pouch, and your baccy will be kept brilliantly moist for a long while!

And as for the gold star, they are produced and manufactured with the least possible impact on the environment, this is healthy AND is reusable, so looks like other brands might need to step up their game somewhat.

So what are you waiting for, head over to our Greengo Section and pick up yourself up one of the most healthiest and enjoyable smoking accessories available TODAY!!!

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