Greengo is a unique herbal blend developed in the Netherlands for discerning smokers. Made for a smoker who wants to smoke, but doesn’t want to get polluted with nicotine, Greengo is a 100% tobacco free and 100% nicotine free smoking blend.

Greengo is made of natural ingredients: hazel leaf, papaya, mint and eucalyptus. Greengo makes it possible to smoke without addiction! It comes in 30g packs and is ready to be enjoyed on its own, or increasingly as an alternative to tobacco in other herbal mixes.


Greengo Herbal Blend is a blend of herbals
Greengo Herbal Blend is a blend of herbals


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  • OxO

    anyone tried this? interested in the texture is it damp, dry?
    whats the taste like? smell when burning… thanks!

  • Feltros

    I’m also v.interested in the flavour/feel? Im wanting something to smoke on nights out at the pub (something you can feel going down your throat) but don’t want to feel awful the next day if I end up chain smoking it.

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