What you need is a Green Logo Roor Ashcatcher and we’re just the people to provide it for you. We’ve got Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers made out of 3.2mm thick glass. We’ve got Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers made out of 5mm thick glass. We got them in 14.5 size joints, we got them in 18.8 size joints. We’ve even got one that comes with a small, unambitious fellow who will follow you around and fan you when you are hot and fetch you a scarf when you are cold. That one’s out of stock at the moment as we are still waiting on a shipment of small, unambitious fellows.

Match your 7mm Roor Bongs with a Green Logo Roor Ashcatcher, or maybe you are one of the many who have snapped up the Green Goblin, a 5mm Little Sista bearing the traditional colours of 7mm.

Full Range of Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers:

·        Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Green Logo

·        Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Green Logo

5mm Roor Ashcatcher in Custom Roor Bong 'Green Goblin'

5mm Roor Ashcatcher in 7mm Icemaster

Other Ashcatchers in the Roor Ashcatcher Range:

  • Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Black Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – White Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Flame-Polish Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Tri-Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – White Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Tri-Logo
  • Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Red Logo


  • Wish I could draw you a picture!!! A “Tobacco” bong I “saw” had the ash go down into 1st chamber, just like a normal bong work’s, but 2 chambers.1st smaller & dry, then TUBE or TUBES go to the next level up where the smoke hits CLEAN water and then your lungs! Less distance = less harsh, easy & simple. Just open bottom to clean out built up ash & resin. Less work to make with same result! Ash free clean water, no extra attachments. Less work & cost, more Profit!! I have more idea’s. Later,Glazzed

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