Made in the USA, the Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Travel Kit  is a unique liquid pipe and bong cleaner that is non-toxic, bio-degradable and eco friendly. Suitable for glass, ceramic and acrylic bongs/water pipes.

The Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Travel Kit comes with 9 pieces of pipe cleaning necessities, including 4 x 6” cotton swabs & 1oz abrasive salt supply. This all-natural super soy cleaner leaves no residue, no odour and no aftertaste, all in less then 1 minute. It is all conveniently stored in a stout 7” reusable tube. So if you’re leaving on a jet plane, bring the Green Hits Travel Mate along for the ride.

Please note that the cleaning solution may react with certain types of plastic. We advise that you apply the product to a small test area before proceeding with cleaning.

Green Hits Cleaning Solution Travel Size

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