GRAND DRAW – Enter The Dragon…






We have three of these Black Leaf Bubble Dragon Bongs to give away and as we have enough bloody bongs of our own, we thought we would give them away to whoever is out there reading this. Someone is out there reading this, right? Hmm.

Win a Black Leaf Bubble Dragon Bong
Win a Black Leaf Bubble Dragon Bong
The bong has a wide hexagon foot, bubble base for extra cooling water capacity, while the tube is decorated with a Chinese dragon. The bong’s joint is 18.8, though the downtube that comes with it is a reducer, so the female joint of the downtube and the gold-rimmed bowl itself is 14.5. Unfortunately there is a dreaded carb-hole on the upper side of the bubble, but at least it doesn’t have as many holes as Alistair Darling’s budget. And it’s free. Height is 45cm, tube diameter is 50mm (5cm) and the glass is 4mm thick.
Win a Black Leaf Bubble Dragon bong




All you have to do to enter the draw is enter the draw (yep, hours spent figuring out those rules). To enter the draw, simply leave a comment on this post (you will need to leave your correct email address (kept private of course) so I can communicate with your bong-winning arse. You can leave any comment you like as long as it pleases me.


You might not see your comment appear until tomorrow or the day after you post, as they have to be approved before appearing and all that technical wizardry, but they will be logged for sure and all the entrants will be put into an actual hat and the draw drawn by the most attractive lady I can find lying around.


The draw will be videoed (do we still use that word? What decade am I living in?) so that all can see that whoever wins the bongs has been drawn fairly out of the hat. The draw will likely be made this weekend, unless something really interesting happens to me on Friday night…


Close-Up of Black Leaf Bubble Dragon Bong

The winners will also get one of these lovely Black Leaf glass ashtrays. Yay!
The winners will also get one of these lovely Black Leaf glass ashtrays. Yay!
Bruce Lee says: "Enough with the bloody lipstick, alright?'
Bruce Lee say: “Enough with the bloody lipstick, alright?’

85 thoughts on “GRAND DRAW – Enter The Dragon…”

  1. EDiT Doctor is a genius, he has the best giveaways on the net
    big love to EDIT

    also this bong is a beauty


  2. EDiT Doctor is a genius, he has the best giveaways on the net
    big love to EDIT

    also this bong is a beauty


  3. After moving to Europe from the states I was worried I wouldnt be able to replace and/or find a new pipe. Thanks to you guys I now have a nice little spoon for a nice little price and am quite thankful.

  4. hey every1 thats making this site possible id just like to thank every1 thats put this together you have done an awesum job im from australia n mate i tell ya i keep loving it everytime there is always something new to look or to perv all day n all night while choofing lol i just brought the cermacic gun n gothic spike pipe and mattte it is a blast from the future thank you so much you have my wildest dreams come true

  5. Cannabis We all know that it’s called the bionic, the bomb, the puff, the blow, the black, the herb, the sensie, the cronic, the sweet Mary Jane, the shit, Ganja, split, reefa, the bad, the buddha, the home grown, the ill, the maui-maui, the method, pot, lethal turbo, tie, shake, skunk, stress, whacky, weed, glaze, the boot, dimebag, Scooby Doo, bob, bogey, back yard boogie. But what are the other terms for it?

  6. hey mate hows it goin this site is awesum my wildest dreams come true i just brought the ceramic gun an gothic spike pipe mate its a blast from the past i just wanna say thanks for making this site n carry on with the puff puff

  7. hey its me again umm i was just wondering how much would it cost get to a truck bong or a bus bong built i know it may sound stupid but depending how much it is in australian dollars ill pay for you to make it i realli need a bong i just broke my by accident

  8. Seven beers followed by two Scotches and a thimble of marijuana and it’s funny how sleep comes all on it’s own.

    Calum, The Scottish Shaman! :O

  9. Stumbled across this site looking for lighters and I’m presently surprised. Great range of products – almost got a bit carried away. Anyway, definitely will be back.


  10. The Bruce Lee reference cracked me up. The bong looks pretty sweet, better than my lack of [legal herb] smoking accessories. =]

  11. Wear my EDIT band with pride everyday 🙂 loving it

    Also was dandering around Amsterdam with it on, smoking some lovely ”tobacco ;)” xx

  12. “It’s a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die”

    – Hunter S. Thompson

    Hello, I was going through a old copy of Generation of Swine and I got to page 11 and came across this great quote from the late great doctor of journalism: Hunter S. Thompson…anyway, I thought it was fitting once I seen this contest.

  13. That bong looks great 🙂 I have to have it because i dont have a bong yet.

    Please can I have it 😀

  14. i want to do naughty things untold things to that dragon..

    now over to ollie williams for the weather report!!!!!!


  15. Nice bong……wish I could win that one, have not tried a bong before but there is always room for improvement.

  16. id really love to win this bong because i cannot afford to buy a new bong and this one would be a great help to me and my father who smoke because of medical reasons like he is a cancer survivor

  17. Today’s top tip from Polonius Plum;

    The penis of a barnacle can be as much as seven times the length of the barnacle itself.

  18. Beautiful bong. Love the gold accents. I have a weedstar on the way from your last giveaway. How cool would it be to win this one too.

  19. Sup man cool site I came on this site about 3 years ago to buy Salvia Divinorum 60x (F*** ME) I’ve never touched it since. Then after that I bought a slinky bong and another bong which BOTH met a horrible end! (slinky got stolen and the bong got cracked in my dish washer) But that hasnt stopped me OH NO! I’m here for THAT bong.

  20. Wow, very cool bong, I’d love to have it, please, i break my pipe yesterday and this bong could help heal my broken heart 😉

  21. you guys are awesome always doing contests! that tube looks pretty sweet too. good luck everyone!

  22. This bong is the coolest bong of all bongs.Gotta have it,wanna win it and how.I have no bong,so this one would be the first one I ever had a chance to own.Please make me a winner and you will have a friend to the

  23. Responding to your concerns over Alistair Darling’s budget I quote the noble Freewheelin’ Franklin, because I couldn’t have put it better myself.
    “Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”


  24. I would like that bong very much. I would use it to get underprivileged people stoned. You know, community service.

  25. ive never smoked out of a proper bong. only ones ive made out of buckets or plastic bottles. this bong looks like the porsche of bongs. i really want it. i really want a porsche aswell. oh well, lol. i love this site!!!

  26. Thanks everyone, there’s been a good reaction to this giveaway. I have to close the draw now though so that I can gather all your names into a hat. There’ll be no more names entered into the draw other than the comments posted before this very post you be reading now.

    There may be a few hours of mystery while we do some actual work instead of just giving out free stuff, but we should get a video up of the draw later today. If it won’t be until Monday then I will say so somewhere around here.

    There may be an awful lot of you vying for just three prizes, but the best thing about giveaways that are popular is that they encourage more stuff to be given away. So, even if you don’t win this time, which is quite likely considering there’s loads of you, then keep checking the blog as this kind of thing is certainly no one-off.

  27. I should also mention Oliver who has also entered but didn’t have a chance to post a comment. Customer service passed me your email though so your name will be in the hat.

    Damn. Now I need to find a hat…

  28. My friends modify there rides, i modify my bongs, “, Please pimp my bong!!”

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