Our New Year sale – Great Offers Start Here (GOSH) has already saved our customers a fortune as we slash prices across a range of products to try to clear space for our mountain of new stock that is arriving all the time.

The huge GOSH section features vaporizers, glass bongs, clothing, candles & incense, herb grinders, pipes, shishas and much more – all heavily discounted, giving you our best deals ever.  There is also a special Roor glass section with some amazing deals on the very best Roor glass, as well as a massive clearance on EHLE glass tubes.

The Raswell Pipe from Red-Eye is just one of the many discounted products now available for sale.  Made from top quality anodized aluminium, the Raswell pipe is Red-Eye’s nod to the mysterious alien landing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.  To that end, the pipe is shaped like a flying saucer and when you use one, we’ll think you’ll agree – it’s out of this world!

Inside the circular pipe is an intricate maze which channels smoke around a 35cm smoke path which allows the smoke time to cool as well as removing some carcinogens and particulates.  The pipe can be easily dismantled, allowing you to clean the smoke path and remove any resinous residue.

The Raswell Pipe from Red-Eye is available now with a 47% discount, bringing it in at just £21.75 – an absolute bargain.

EHLE glass has been around a while.  When it launched a few years ago, we were amazed by the quality of their glassware and even more astonished at the price tags.  Some of the EHLE glass is genuinely comparable to Roor glass in terms of quality of manufacture and simplicity of design.

This 50cm straight tube bong from EHLE is made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass for durability and heat resistance.  The piece is beautifully decorated with a green and white crown design on the top of the mouthpiece and around the top of the bowl slide.  There are ice notches just below halfway down the cylinder and the iconic EHLE logo is sandblasted onto the main tube.  Right now, we have discounted this stunning water pipe by £100!  That’s right – this amazing glass tube is now available for the lowest ever price of just £182.99!

Our full Deals & Offers section including all the GOSH products offers amazing value on products from all corners of the site.  Check it out today and bag yourself a bargain while stocks last!

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