GoGo Guarana is made from Guarana seed from a climbing plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest, and has been used by South Americans for centuries to ward off hunger and fatigue and to stimulate clear thinking.

GoGo Guarana is a 100% natural stimulant that helps you to stay energetic and alert for many hours, without the ‘peak and trough’ effect associated with many energy tonics. A complex of natural stimulants and compounds found in the seed can help to increase physical and mental energy, and relieve fatigue. So if you need some natural energy – we suggest you give it a go!

• 100% Natural Energiser
• Helps you to feel more energetic & alert
• Helps to reduce mental fatigue

GoGo Guarana

Full Guarana Products Range:

·          GoGo Guarana – 100% Natural Energiser

·          Rio Amazon Collection – Guarana Extract Vegicaps – 60 x 2500mg

·          High Speed Guarana Tea

·          Akuz Energising Guarana Snuff

·          Guarana (Paullinia cupana)

·          Herbs of the Gods – Guarana

·          Guarana Drops

·          Jungle Highs Guarana (Paulinea Cupana)

·          Happy Caps – X

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