God-Like Thorinder Herb Grinders Hit The Shelves At EDIT

For lightning fast grinding of your favourite herbs and spices, Everyonedoesit.com is proud to launch the Thorinder Herb Grinder from After Grow.

Inspired by Thor, the hammer-wielding, Norse God of thunder, the Thorinder Grinder really is the stuff of legends!

Designed to withstand the most serious punishment, this 4-part magnetic grinder is made from anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel and is beautifully decorated with flashes of electric blue lightning bolts. At 62mm in diameter the Thorinder is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs, which it will effortlessly pulverise with it’s sharp, bolt-shaped teeth.

The clear top allows the user to see the grinder in action and the lightning shaped sifting holes ensure the perfect consistency every time.

The Thorinder Herb Grinder from After Grow comes complete with a handy cleaning tool and its own stylish presentation case. A premium quality herb grinder that really ‘hammers’ the competition!

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