You’re either shopping your butt of like a madman or woman for your significant other smoker partner in crime, your best office sesh bud, or your mom (a seasoned dabber) who has everything. Or if we’re being truly honest here, you are also checking out some stuff for yourself. No harm in that, and we here at Everyone Does It have you covered in the smoking accessories department. Brands like Compton Grinders and Ryot Cases bring the usable and stylish goodies to the table, but here are ten of our seasonal favorites.


  1. ParTiCap Threaded Dabber

This titanium cap will make your dabbing day. Enjoy this dual sided piece as a carb cap on any gender dab rig. This smoking accessory has threaded tips that can be used either concave or flat side down.

  1. Futurola

The Futurola will change your roll up life. If you love rolling your own with smoking accessories like rolling machines, you will get quite the kick out of this little gem. Mini in size but mighty in rolling power, this rolling machine is easy to use and a fun party trick to boot.

  1. Stickler Ashtray by Compton Grinders

When you think of Compton Grinders, gangster grinders with powerful ability come to mind. But they also make some other super useful and cool smoking accessories. A sleekly designed ashtray, this aluminum bodied resting place for ash and half smoked joints or blunts is also functional with a removable metal poker to use at your discretion for cleaning, packing or readying a new bowl.

  1. Trove Grinder Storage Box by Green Wizard

Green Wizard brings us this radical grinder plus inconspicuous storage space for your herb. Carry your stash and up to 6 pre-rolled cigarettes in this water proof and smell proof canister. A built in grinder and pack of papers fit along for the ride too, so choo-choo to you and get on board.

  1. #ThisThingRips Mini Torches

The mini torch is the perfect smoking accessory gift for any serious dabber in your life. Sold empty and ready to be filled, these easy to store torches are wonderful to keep hidden until your sesh becomes imminent.

  1. Raw All Natural Bamboo Rolling Mat

The rolling mat is essential to any smokers daily routine, and Raw papers brings us this all natural bamboo one at a cheap stocking stuffer price. Grab a few for all those special smokers on your list, they can use as many smoking accessories as they can get.

  1. Wolf Rolling Kit S3

This all in one rolling and carrying kit case will make you roll over with happiness. Finally, a smell proof case that can carry all your herb and tools needed to roll up with. Boasting multiple pouches for ground mixture, papers, and grinders means you will never forget anything at home again.

  1. AxePack by Ryot

The guitar shaped AxePack is smell safe and has the perfect padding to travel with all your precious tools and wonderful rig set up in style. Memory foam will remember exactly the fragile and perfect lines of your bong or rig, while all 14 inches can hold just about any water pipe you may own. An adjustable shoulder strap means you have absolutely no excuse to keep this sucker at home.

  1. Magnetic Wooden Taster Box from Ryot

This one hit and quit taster box is the king of holiday gift smoking accessories. Make it a point to grab one in every color for all those on the go stoners on your list as well as one for yourself. The corresponding taster sticks in acrylic build are handsome to match. Pick your favorite wood finish and enjoy your smokes to go.

  1. XL Custom Crown Stash Jar by Roor

Roor uses only the best borosilicate Pyrex glass for its bongs and rigs, and the construction on this top of the line stash jar is no different. Artsy decorative glass touches at the lid make this storage choice classy and cool. A cork lid keep that herbal mix the right temperature of fresh and ready to smoke.


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