We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Glassadelic at EDiT. This is our first Glassadelic piece and a fine one. We bring you the Glassadelic Sculpted Skull Bubbler with Upline Perc. The main focal point of this piece is the heavily worked glass skull.

Starting at the top of the bubbler, smoke moves down the clear to blue and green spiral glass. It then moves down one of the 5 worked beige to dark blood red horns. Moving on from the first chamber, smoke then moves towards a clear disc with blue and green lollipop style spiral. The other four worked horns protrude off the side of this disc.

Smoke then passes through the innovative 4 hole upline perc for optimal treatment and smoke dispersion. This chamber itself is clear glass, whilst the upline perc contains the same blue and green spirals that help bring a bright vibrant tone amongst the dark and eerie skull and horns.

Moving up from the upline percolator there is the heavily worked skull. The skull is beige and covered in the dark blood red that is also on the horns. After passing through the skull, smoke moves into the final chamber which is a large disc. This disc has the beige and blood red design along the outer rim and a clear glass to blue and green spiral on the inside.

The mouthpiece is a small cylinder with the blue and green spiral that protrudes off the side of the disc like a snorkel. This bubbler has electroformed and aged work throughout the joints of each chamber.

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