Glass Steam Roller Pipes

Roor Steam Roller Pipes are some of the more renowned, made to the same high quality as their famous bongs. They are available in four sizes. Black Leaf Glass Steamroller Pipes provide a simple but fantastically effective method to smoke. They come in an array of lengths and thicknesses and feature the gothic-style logo of Black Leaf Glass. Ehle Glass Steamrollers come in three sizes and they use only high-grade borosilicate glass for their steam-roller pipes. Each one features the Ehle signature. Weed Star Steamrollers are great value and feature pinches within the bowls to void any need for gauzes. They are available in a large or small size. G-Spot Steam-Rollers are perfect examples of glass steamroller craftsmanship. Unrivalled for quality, the G-Spot Steamrollers are a cut above. Also in the EDIT glass steamroller range are Liquid Coolant Steamrollers that come in their own storage boxes, plus some unbranded and cheap-as-chips Glass Steamrollers for those of us unfazed by famous names and logos.

 Glass Steamroller Pipes

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  • holistic616

    hi again edit gods ive just got my roor desert dream from your good selfs it came with a flame polished logo not sand blasted as in the pic worth mentioning as its more expensive for the flamed and alas my reward points from my last 2 roors have frozen please fix so i can order a ehle 12.5 diffy 18.8 for it thats my third roor in 8 weeks maybe a free diffy 🙂 wud be very nice for me and you anyway duty calls i was also caught up it that payment mix up where it took a week to get my cash back that you took from me twice £289. but i forgive you thank full i didnt go over drawn and after that i place my roor dream but i forget to order the dam diffy so thank you edit gods for all your help so far esp chris and johnathon

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