Its been a busy month here at EDiT Towers adding product to the website. So we thought we would do a quick round up of some of the latest products added to the site in one handy place.

Of course you can keep an eye on our latest additions page which list all our new product as it goes live on the website…

Six Shooter PUK Pipe

Six Shooter Glass PUK PipeSo fresh in from the USA is the amazing PUK Pipe which is the worlds first Pyrex Six Shooter Pipe and won second place at the High Times Cup in 2012. Each chamber takes your smoking mix and then is easily held closed in the pocket. The pipe is held together by a very strong central magnet. When you want to smoke simply rotate the top half of the pipe. This is a genuine six shooter made from premium borosilicate glass. each piece is hand machined and finished in the USA. Each pipe comes in its own presentation tin and is the perfect gift for a loved one.

Transformer Tubes – Build your Own Bong!

Always wanted a bong a certain way? Always thinking up designs for bongs but never finding them? Well now you can build your own bongs with our massive range of transformer parts which all fix together. Making your bong is simple we even have some uber cool lego parts too…

Boob Toob Module Transformer Tubes

Go try and build your own bong now and see where your imagination takes you! Each section is made from poly-carbonate which is exceedingly strong and durable so any bong you do build yourself is sure to stand the test of time.

The piece slot together using a double helix thread which means each piece can be twisted off and on in seconds, you can change your pipe everyday if you wish quite easily.  Every piece in the range is completely interchangeable so even if you choose to buy one of the ready made pipes you can easily add further bong parts to it making it unique to you.


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