Collectors Piece or Throw Down?

Our vast collection of glass pipes can seem intimidating when on the lookout for the ideal glass pipe. It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiast or a novice, eventually, you end up at a certain crossroad. Not knowing which way to go, a burning question will rush through your head…

Should I go for an expensive piece or for a cheaper alternative?

Luckily, we at EDIT are here again to help you with some of life’s hardest decisions. Let’s start with exploring the popular cheap alternatives available to our customers.


Spoon With Ash Catcher | Grav Labs – £18.99

Another magnificent glass pipe from Texas-based Grav Labs. This piece comes from their recent line of impressive spoon pipes. Using only the finest borosilicate glass, the spoon pipe is highly durable and well-crafted.
Featuring the ever-present and highly effective ash-catcher mouthpiece, this elegantly designed piece brings a weight of sophistication to the market.
Trust us, those looking for a spoon pipe that focuses on functionality should look no further than Grav Labs!


Van Halen Sherlock Pipe | Red Eye Glass – $21.99

A part of the Van Halen range from Red Eye Glass, this eye-catching design combines the styles of a spoon pipe and a sherlock pipe. Incorporating the best features of each, the glass piece comes with a flat surface for improved stability.
With a wicked design that closely resembles the rest of the Van Halen range, this Red Eye Glass piece will suit anyone looking for a cheap heady piece that doesn’t hinder its functionality.


Prometheus Nano | PypTek – $48.99

The Prometheus Nano by PypTek is simply one of the best pocket pipes for those smokers who enjoy the outdoors. Using an exoskeleton that’s constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, this pipe is known to be quite indestructible. You could drop it from a great height and it would cause little damage. There’s a reason why it got its namesake from an invincible Greek deity!
Yes, it may seem like cheating including this in a guide to glass pipes but let’s not forget that beneath the protective layer sits a tough, borosilicate glass core.

With the cheaper alternatives explored, let’s look at a more considered purchase.


Multi Hole Spoon Pipe | Illadelph – $92.99

Designed from the finest American Glass in Philadelphia, this signature Illadelph piece features a multi-hole bowl head which produces a smooth, even flow of smoke. Not only boasting high functionality, this spoon pipe includes tinted accents and distinguished Illadelph decals that represent the company’s glorious reputation.


Wig Woo Spoon Pipe | Talent Glass – $159.99

A masterclass in artistic glass design, this glass piece shows exactly why the Oregon-based Talent Glass continues to be ahead of the pack in creativity. Hand-made by artisan glassblower Brent Cook, the pipe is lavishly decorated with vivid wig-wags and spirals of shimmering dichroic glass.
This awe-inspiring piece will sit proudly as the focus point of any budding pipe enthusiast’s collection.


Black and Orange Worked Bubbler | G-Spot – $154.99

Another fantastic artisan glass piece, this worked bubbler by G-Spot is made out of the finest borosilicate glass. With a built in slitted diffuser, the user will repeatedly receive smooth and cool hits.
Featuring a striking design, the german glassblowers have added an impressive switchback design that starts on the pan and runs along the effective bubbler. Finally, a stunning orange marble decorates the pipe’s chamber to add panache to the piece.

For those looking towards a cheaper piece, the selected choices above are great for outdoor adventures. If you’re worried about taking your cherished piece along with you, these pocket-friendly glass pieces will suit you down to a tee. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiking or a trip to your local music festival, you won’t do better for price and functionality.
If you’re a collector looking to expand your pipe collection, then one of our more pricey options won’t steer you wrong. These choices are for the glass pipe enthusiasts wanting to amaze their friends the next time they’re round. Great to pull out at house parties, these collector’s pieces will be cherished for a lifetime.


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