There are many reasons why you would need a spare bowl for your bong.  Replacements for cracked or broken parts, for aesthetic reasons – to brighten your waterpipe up, or, more commonly, because you want a bigger bowl to pack more herbage into.

We understand.  That’s why we carry this enormous range of glass bowls and slides in a multitude of colours, shapes and joint sizes.

The Crystal Bowl by Weed Star is designed to resemble a precious gemstone, sitting atop your bong like a crown jewel.  Available in four different sparkly colours – deep amber, mock emerald, sapphire surprise and diamond.  The Crystal Bowl has an 18.8mm joint size to fit any bong of that standard size.  The large bowl will fit a good amount of tobacco or legal smoking herbs to give you a memorable hit each and every time.

The Cool B Bowl by Black Leaf features twin percolators incorporated into the bowl itself.  The bowl filters your smoke twice, removing carcinogens and particulates and giving an exceptionally smooth hit.  So effective are the percolators on this slide, you’ll think you’re smoking a percolator bong.  The bowl is made from clear glass and bears the ‘Cool B’ legend around the side.  Available to fit both standard joint sizes, 14.5mm or 18.8mm (see dropdown on product page)

These are just a couple of examples from our fantastic range of glass bowls.  The full collection can be viewed here.

Don’t forget – every order placed up until 4:20 – April 20th gains entry to our prize draw to win a limited edition EHLE 420 glass waterpipe.  Don’t delay, order today.

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