Glass Bongs

Glass water pipes have secured themselves a place in the hearts of smokers the world over due to the cleanliness of the smoke they provide. The glass of a water bong can take a damn good heating without embellishing your smoke with unwanted extras that you will get from wood, metal and acrylic smoking apparatus. has one of the widest ranging glass bong selections the world has ever seen. There are bongs with price tags in the thousands and there are glass bongs which will get you change from a ten pound note. We stock everything from the finest, highest quality borosilicate glass to the less sophisticated and more affordable alternatives for those of us without a spare hundred quid or so to splash out on the high end bongs. Glass Bong Range

It is EDIT’s primary objective to provide choices for absolutely everybody from the student pinching her pennies to the superstar rapper with a spare grand or two to splash out on a gold adorned, diamond-encrusted pimped-out bong to show off with on tour. 

We have all the famous German blowers from Roor Bongs to G-Spot Glass, taking in Ehle and Hurricane on the way, not to mention Ziggi Jackson and his incredibly popular Weed Star bongs.

·         Percolator Bongs

·         Roor Bongs

·         Weed Star Bongs

·         Ehle Glass Bongs

·         Hurricane Bongs

·         G-Spot High-End Bongs

·         Black Leaf Glass Bongs

·         Small Glass Water-pipes

·         Colour-changing Water-pipes

·         Click Here for More Glass Bong Options

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