Waking up in the Big Red Funbus at a festival can be an experience, with the team loving their McEDiT McMuffins in the morning. Slap hip-hop onto the sound rig, bacon, cheese, egg and english muffin 😉 And you have the Hip Hop Kitchen! Everyone fed and happy we set out on our final journey through the Glade Festival site.

Got to say we met some casualties along the way, it was sunshining and the wind had died down when we came across this young man resting wearily against what is a very loud speaker stack 😉 How do you sleep in such a place?

The sun was out and the tunes were immense the last day of the festival, everyone was determined to get the very best out of their last day in nirvana. Andy C was on the main stage and was ripping it up! With a bass so loud and so deep that I was vibrating lying down OUTSIDE the main stage tent. As his set came to an end there was a sudden exodus to the Pyromid Stage which was surrounded by people holding aloft flares, juggling fire acrobats dancing with flames. The whole thing transported you back to a more primitive time where fire was worshiped and we gathered to worship fire.

The flares extinguished and without warning the stage we had all been dancing around all weekend suddenly exploded with fireworks and flares, before quickly catching alight. It was the perfect end to a magnificent weekend. Walking back to crash for the night in the Big Red Funbus I was grateful that the rain had stayed away. As I crept back into the van, full of happy memories and copious amounts of Rum, I snuggled into my double sleeping back and heard the tip, tappity, tip as rain came pouring down. I smiled as I realised that for one weekend, we even seemed to have controlled the weather.

Glade Festival was in essence perfection….and something I would recommend everyone to do at some point in their lives.

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