This Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe by GingerELA is another beautiful masterpiece from the exciting glassblower. This piece is small and thin in size making it easy to move around and easy to hold.

The Oil Dome fits into an 18.8mm ground joint. There are two different coloured glass designs on this dome. The first one fitted around the hole is set upon a white background and contains two different shades of red, two shades of orange, yellow and turquoise coloured glass forming the brilliantly worked switchback upon the white borosilicate glass. The other coloured glass design wraps around the circumference of the dome and contains swirly patterns made up from shades of blue, green, purple and yellow forming a brilliant colour contrast with the switchback design above.

Smoke moves down the arm of this stemless piece into the main bottle shaped chamber that houses the 5 hole diffuser for optimal smoke dispersion. The bottom of this chamber contains a complete switchback design in the same mould as the one on the dome. There are three marbles with different designs that form a line up this bottle chamber. The first one contains a similar switchback design to the aforementioned ones. The second marble contains a swirly pattern with shades of blue, green, purple, yellow and black. Whilst the third marble at the top contains a honeycomb design set upon a light metallic blue colour.

Smoke then rises up towards the mouthpiece, passing through the midsection design that contains a switchback and swirly pattern with the same shades of blue, green, purple, black and yellow. The mouthpiece rises and leans back for usability.

This GingerELA piece is supported by a circular base that houses a light yellow galaxy marble. There is also a glass vine that breaks out into horns that contains yellow coloured rings set upon stained yellow glass.

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