This beautiful heady piece is made by one of the EDiTor’s favourite glass artists around. GingerELA’s story is a heart warming one. Being fed up with her first career she had a complete change of heart and decided to dedicate her life to the torch. Since then, she has caused many waves in the borosilicate glass world. And it’s no surprise.

This GingerELA Electroformed Oil Rig is a small piece with some incredible glass work all over. The oil dome fits into this piece through an 18.8mm ground joint. There is a switchback design on this dome that is done so well the colours almost stand out in a 3d manner. The switchback design is composed of two different shades of red, two different shades of orange, bright yellow and blueish green. This is set upon a white background causing a strong contrast and a fire type effect.

The bulk of the piece is electroformed throughout. Moving down the electroformed arm that houses the oil dome, smoke moves into the large chamber in the center. The main chamber resembles the base of a tree trunk and contains two different marbles on either side. The first marble is like a galaxy marble with a holographic sliver resembling an opal. The other marble has a clear marble with an embedded yellow and blue snail. At the top of the main chamber there is another remarkable fiery switchback design that is similar to the one described above.

On the mouthpiece side of this pipe, there are three domes sprouting out that resemble a mushroom. Each of these domes contains the same switchback fiery switchback designs as well. The three arms holding these domes up have coloured glass work with yellow, blue, turquoise, black and purple glass making up the design of the mushroom stems.

The tallest and largest of these mushrooms is the mouthpiece with a hole on the side for inhalation. This is one of the EDiTor’s favourite pieces. He can only hope that the proud owner cherishes it.

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