The G-man has recently adopted a new style, dress code and some new found swagger.

In amongst the mink coats, gold teeth and tinted windows G-man has lost his favourite collection of Killer Bongs!

This awesome collection included the new Klean Kut Killer Bong range and also classics like Mr Black and the AK47.

Rumour has it that it was the biggest, baddest mofo’s in history that are holding G-man’s prized possessions hostage…

So we are going to resolve this the only way we know how… that’s right… a COMPETITION!!!

We have hidden G-man’s Gangster pals across the site, they will appear in a different place every other day for the next few days…

Your job, should you choose to accept it is to find those little Gangster b******s before they take over.

Only 1 will be live each day, and will be accompanied by a clue which will be found on EDiT’s Social Media networks.

All you have to do to enter this awesome competition is copy and paste the url of where the gangsta’ is hiding into an email and fire it off to, it’s that easy!

And for all your hard work, we will be selecting one lucky winner each day, who will win an AMAZING BONG from the Killer Bong Range all supplied by the extremely generous guys @ Killer Bongs.

The last day may even see a special giveaway of one of the EDiT elves… or maybe a form of Incredibowl Pipe… how cool would that be?

The assault on the EDiT Gansters begins on the website from the 30th September, so ready the Bowler hats and the Tommy guns “we gonna catch us some gangsters!

Watch this space for further details to follow…


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