Glass Bubblers and Pipes

Red and Black Deluxe Glass Hammer Pipe

G-Spot one of the premier glass manufacturers in Germany have brought out a range of premium glass products that won’t break the bank. Each of these pieces are handmade to their exacting standards. ¬†This new range consists of 2 glass bubblers and 6 glass spoon pipes. The colours on these pieces are very bold, with tight designs on both the bubblers and spoons.

The bubblers are based on clear glass with ribbons of colour running throughout the pieces.

Glass Spoons

Green and White Zig Zag Spoon Pipe

The six amazing new spoons are full of colour and weigh heavy in the hand testament to the quality of the glass and workmanship. With a range soon to be extended G-Spot are certainly positioning themselves as being a premium product with real value for money pricing.

The use of strong colours and Dichro Glass really makes these glass spoons stand out from the crowd and are sure to become a fast favourite for an everyday piece that is also a little bit special!

Tree of Life Glass Spoon

You are sure to find a glass pipe here that matches your style and your budget each pipe is an amazingly great value at only ¬£19.95….Don’t miss out they wont be in stock long at these prices!

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