G-Spot Bongs are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards from the finest, heat-resistant, borosilicate glass.

These Bongs are made by master craftsmen, and they are all oven-tempered to enhance strength and completely eliminate tension in the bong.  Each waterpipe is rigorously tested for minimum thickness and general quality before it even leaves the workshop, ensuring that the finished product that reaches you, the user, will give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

G-Spot’s logo decorates each bong in their familiar golden insignia – a true sign of quality workmanship and an amazing smoking experience.

G-Spot – Turbine Bong

The Turbine Bong by G-Spot stands 48cm high with 5mm thick glass.  The Turbine has a capacious, bubbled base for maximum smoke capacity which features sleek grooves worked into the glass.  The main shaft features more grooves which act as ice notches, allowing you to further cool your hit.  The Turbine weighs in at 1kg, a reassuring sign that the bong is made to an impeccable standard.

G-Spot – Giant Cylinder Bong 5.0

The Giant Cylinder Bong by G-Spot is a 60cm tall behemoth with 5mm thick glass and a tube diameter of almost 7cm.  This waterpipe weighs in at 1.8kg – a very good indication of how well it is made, and how robust and durable the bong will be.  Now available with a staggering 35% discount, the Giant Cylinder by G-Spot is an unbeatable £86.29 from Everyonedoesit.com.  That is an awful lot of bong for the money, and to sweeten the deal further – we’ll throw in a free grinder while stocks last!

All the stock at EDIT has our famous Price Match Guarantee so you can buy with confidence from the world’s largest headshop.

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