The Fuzion Vaporizer – FVR400 model has an adjustable digital temperature display and a hands-free whip with a glass mouthpiece. It is fitted with a ceramic electro-fusion heating element and a smoking cessation device. The handcrafted wooden container is simple and unobtrusive.

The Fuzion Vaporiser – FVR400 and is a 240v vaporiser and comes securely packaged in a specially-layered protective cardboard casing to ensure undamaged delivery.

Full Range of Fuzion Vaporizers:

  • Fuzion Vaporizer – FVR400
  • Fuzion Vaporizer – GVR 600
  • Fuzion Vaporizer – SVR 800
  • Fuzion Vaporizer – BVR 300


  • TheEditor

    I read that the ideal temperature for releasing THC (in Amsterdam coffeeshops, of course) is about 180 degrees. The other medicinal chemicals are usually released at around 220 degrees.

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