“I need a Freeek in the morning, A Freeek in the evening, just like that…”
As I am sure you are all aware we here @ EveryoneDoesIT.com have been graced with some of the most creative and artistic designs, that I personally have had the pleasure to behold.
Top of my list so far is this ‘Freeek’ Tube, so I thought I would share some info so we can all sit down and bask in the glory of the ‘Freeek’ collection.
Freeek has been on the torch since 1999 and blows glass out of Wisconsin, USA. Freeek has won many awards of prestige including FGIA (Functional Glass Industry Awards) artist of the year 2010 and consequently his critically acclaimed work is much sought after the world over.
Freeek’s work is often characterized by intricacies like Alien Tech Horns, cross key work and impressive fillacello designs which often convey a sincere undertone, making these pieces nothing short of inspirational.
Don’t take my word for it though guys, check ‘em out for yourself…


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