Ex-Ses Herbal Incense

If you are placing an order on EDIT upwards of £10 this weekend and the first few days next week (while stock lasts), then post your order number on this page and I will include a FREE sample of Ex-Ses Herbal Incense.

So, if you and a mate are planning on each placing orders around £5, then combine them and order together and you will get a free Ex-Ses sample and possibly some nice stickers.

Remember it’s FREE! You just have to spend some money first.


  • Comet

    I just ordered the ROOR pocket friend. I know this offer states over the weekend and it is Friday morning here is the US so it is likely close to the weekend (meaning end of the work week) in the UK. Here is my order number 01-260609-1248127

    thanks once again for your awesome customer service and great site.


  • Laura Sommer

    This came as a pleasant surprise, as I just placed an order for Magic Silver but also love Ex-ses!! 😀 My order number was: 1248282

    Many thanks again for your generosity!! 🙂

  • Joe Beckman

    i ordered over that amount and i sent by mail with money order and since it hasnt reached there yet,will it ocunt for the free incense? Also,simple yes or no,can i get the book i won shipped with the order and incense if i get it?Or do i have to pay shipping on the book and incense? thxs for the book win btw,cant wait

  • oxo

    I would LOVE some stickers if possible 😛 and a white bong tshirt (m) LoL. haha im joking im being greedy now… anyway ontopic this blog post made me order so here you go.

    Order: 1248571

    -nice to the blog active :D.


  • Dym

    I would love to have stickers! Oh yeah =D

    And … Here’s my order number : 1248396

    Thanks for everything you do for us! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • NTrailZ

    Ordered yesterday for some bits and bobs for £20, would love a free ex-ses sampler, thanks.

    Order number: 1248811

    The Big Brother is still going strong btw, it really is quite some bong, EDIT are the greatest. 😀

  • Admin1

    Got the samples in today for the orders mentioned above. i still have plenty of samples left though, so anybody else orderign a significant amount, get your order number posted on here.

    I won’t actually be around for a few days but there is somebody who will be checking the blog every morning and sorting out the samples while I am away.

  • Nioclás

    I just ordered an ehle carbon filter, some carbon and a few other small things so can i have my free sample with that order? cheers! orderr number is 1250336


  • Arun Bhatia

    Hi There,

    I would like to enter to win the ROOR RASTA BONG. My estimated number of hits from a bong is:

    365 days x 20 years = 7300 x 3 = 21,900 at least 75% from a ROOR. When you’ve smoked as much as me you know that all bongs are not created equal.

    Kind regards
    Arun Bhatia

  • Zane

    Hi EDIT tjanks for a brill Site, new newsletter format and ‘Facebook’ addition – great news!
    For the Comp ‘Roor Bong, by my ‘rekonin’ – it must be 38600, (at least!?) 12 being with a ‘Roor’……. by some mystifyin’ quirk of Cosmic alignment or coincidence, the figures relate to the weight, size and Ideal Downtube/Diffuser Length on a ‘Roor’ Rasta Logo Bong 500 !!!!

    It haz to be an Omen!! I telz ya! (make that a good Omen)!!

  • just got an email about a RooR giveaway? 14,420 lifetime bong hits give or take, 69% w/ my RooR Rasta Bong…couldn’t find a RooR topic

  • Sarah Ringsell

    Is this offer closed now?
    If not I just placed a order for £17.92 (ord no – 1251283) and I’m always up for somminck for nothin!!!!!

  • Jay


    hope I’m not too late… Order is already in the warehouse Amy said, but if you could toss one in for me, it would be greatly appriciated. If not, keep me on the list and I’ll make another order when you get more samples… Please 🙂

    love the blog btw!

  • TheEditor

    Ah dude, this is an old offer. We leave them viewable so people can see some of the deals we’ve done in the past.

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