Shitting crikey. Two hundred and forty? I should think that’s the last time I leave one of these giveaways open over the weekend (Click Here For Original Giveaway Page). Thanks to the volume of entrants and the scarcity of spare time, I have not been able to call upon my Spielberg-esque skills for another video masterpiece this time. Thus, it’s a pretty gritty affair with not much in the way of special effects or any especially thrilling moments.

However, it has produced the winner of our biggest blog giveaway to date. So congratulations to…


Frankly Marvelous Prize Draw

I hereby rename you Picasstheo!
I hereby rename you Picasstheo!

More giveaways and prize draws coming very soon!


  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Congrats Locutuz! and that drummstick made my eyes go wild shaked my brain out lmfao ;D Good work keep it up!

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    As i was the first non-staff person to congratulate Locutuz i should win a Black Leaf Glass Bong – Golden Dragon Series (Ice Bubble) ! :OAnd we can celebrate the crappy movie DragonBall Evolution at the same time XD 2in1 thats the way to do it 😛

  • Admin1

    What about the happy thought I already sent you? You’ll have to wait for that to arrive and then send it back unused and undamaged.

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Naw ill rather keep the happy thought then 😛 Fits perfect with a XXL-strawberry-kiwi Cyclone blunt. Out in the sun… gazin at the sky.. aaah summer time ;D

  • Feltros

    Nice work Locutuz!

    Man these competitions are getting a bit more competitive aren’t they 😛

  • Locutuz

    Wow what can I say I sure feel lucky.
    I can’t believe I won…..WooHoo. Someone pinch me.

    Thanks EDIT !!! You guys are the greatest !!

  • Theo

    Hahahaha, I can’t believe you actually posted my picture! Hah, well thanks for the fabulous new name I have, and congratz to Locutuz for the awesome free bong 🙂

  • Theo

    Also, I think I should get a little something for my masterpiece 😛 Keep up the good work and hopefully I’ll finally win something one of these days 😀

  • Locutuz

    Thanks for all the Congrats and pats on the back.
    I feel so unworthy….sorry to all you loosers.
    If I could share it with all of you I would. But I cant so better luck next time.

  • highlyblest

    congrats locutuz….. ive run out of big skins edit…any chance of sending me some blunt skins? 🙂

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