If you have the burning desire in your heart to create a piece of glass to smoke out of, maybe you should consider the flame working arts. Nothing could compare to holding a piece of glass you’ve forged yourself from strength and fire in your hands. I mean, I could only imagine. I can’t even make boxed macaroni and cheese properly. Do you think anyone is going to let me use gas to create a thing? No way. Read on to learn about some flame working terms. Spit some out at the next toking sesh and watch your friends wonder how you got so smart.


(Image by StarfishGlassDesigns)

  • Boro-heads – Glass working enthusiasts
  • Cane – Long rods of clear or colored glass used to create the foundation of the simplest pipes and glassware
  • Dichro – Metallic coating over glass to create a sleek industrial or futuristic look
  • Electroforming – Fusing metal to glass for aesthetic or functional purposes
  • Fritting – Blowing crushed glass pieces to color or tone other glass
  • Fuming – Layering gold or silver on glass to create a sophisticated blue or rose tone
  • Implosion – Used mainly in marbling techniques, this trick involves pushing and pulling colors through glass to create 3-D effects within a cube or ball
  • Maria – Two glass canes melted together
  • Raking – Dragging a color across a glass piece in a rake motion
  • Sandblasting – Using a maching to texture the glass then removing the top craggy layer to expose all the intricacies of the shake up
  • WigWag – Using a colored tube to create a spiral effect in a glass piece


If none of this language intimidates you, check out local glass working classes in your town. Also known as lamp working, fusing beautiful art with the power of heat and sturdy glass is on the rise as a popular hobby. Not just for smoking utensils, gorgeous sculptures and pendants can be conceived and created once you learnt the tricks of the trade.

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