First 50 Twitter Followers Prize Draw Result

First 50 Twitter Followers Prize Draw

When I launched the new EDIT_Tweets Twitter page I said I’d put the names of the first 50 followers into a hat and draw out 10 names to win a handful of nice prizes. Well, I lied. I put all the names into a glass jar and the number of winners is actually 12. You just can’t trust anybody these days.

So we have twelve winners decided by the luck of their name landing nearest to a prize when all names were tossed nonchalantly over all the prizes. We have six nice grinder/sifters, four nice glass spoon pipes and a couple of, wait for it, that’s right, nice glass bubblers. It’s all very nice.

Check the video below to see if you are one of the lucky winners and if you are, then email with an old EDIT order number with your correct address on it, or simply email us the address you would like your prize sent to. Don’t forget to identify which Twitter follower you are!

If you’re not following us on Twitter yet, then be quick, as there are more of these kinds of random giveaways to come soon. Look out for a Facebook related giveaway coming very soon!

Prize Draw for the First 50 EDIT_Tweets Followers

6 thoughts on “First 50 Twitter Followers Prize Draw Result”

  1. Thanks edit, will send you an email later tonight, with a fresh order number, think I will pick up one of those weed star inlines to go with the new grinder.

    Thanks again Guys

  2. YAY!! I won the bub! Awesome Edit! DotonShaft09 from twitter here! Oh also edit, I think you wrote in the email wrong, missed the last “e” in everyone,

    so actually,

    I sent an email to the first one and it came up as undeliverable, so I’m guessing its the second?? Well order number is 1370184, same address. Thanks!

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