Find Your Peace With Your Perfect Pipe

Smoking pipes are perhaps one of the more traditional methods of smoking your favourite tobaccos and smoking blends.

We’re very proud of our huge range of pipes and bubblers, here at EDIT.  We think we’ve got something to suit every style, every situation and every pocket.

Red Eye Glass - Double Dice PipeRed Eye Glass - Frosted Minotaur Spoon Pipe

This range of glass hand pipes from Red Eye off the chance to own an original piece of glassware at an entry level price.  Red Eye’s glass hand pipes are made from toughened borosilicate glass and there are a stunning range to choose from.  Each one is handmade, meaning nobody else will own a pipe exactly like yours.

Medium Wooden PipeLarge wooden Pipe

For the more traditional look favoured by the ‘old skool’ smoker we have a wide range of wooden smoking pipes, too.  We stock wooden smoking pipes in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs so you’re bound to find a style that suits you.

St Clements Glass Bubbler by InfernoUluru Glass Bubber by Inferno

This selection of glass bubblers from Inferno are all hand made from quality borosilicate glass and beautifully decorated in a range of colourful designs.  These bubblers are certainly pretty enough to be a display piece, but are robust and practical enough for everyday use.

Black Leaf Steamroller Pipes - Large (Black)

Black Leaf’s range of Steamroller pipes are designed to really pack a punch.  Place your hand over the end to draw smoke into the pipe and then release it to take the hit.  Available in 3 different sizes and a range of colours.

Bud BombBud Bomb - Black

We also stock the Original Bud Bomb pipes in 3 different colours.  The Bud Bomb’s revolutionary design has made it a must have item for the discerning smoker.  It’s precision made helix cooling system means the smoke is smooth and cool by the time it reaches your mouth.  The Bud Bomb can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes.

Whichever style of pipe you favour and no matter how deep your pockets, you’ll definitely find a pipe to suit you at

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