Alright guys, it’s been a long time but we’re finally here. It’s competition time!! The prize of this competition is a mouth watering G-Spot Glass bong worth close to 100 pounds. These high quality thick bongs are a must have for glass enthusiasts and can be yours if you follow the simple instructions for this competition. This competition is both Facebook and Twitter friendly so listen up and follow the rules for your chance to win this luxury glass waterpipe.

It’s very simple, it’s time to man up and find the G-Spot. I’ve left the task of hiding the Spot to a man who is very adept at hiding stuff on our site, the G-man! There has been some confusion about the G-Spot. To clarify, the G-spot is a red circle with a black ‘G’ in the middle.

So, this is where you all come in. You find the G-Spot (the picture is likely to be in the G-Spot section), e-mail the link to and depending whether you are on twitter or facebook you have one more step.

For Facebook Users: After you send the e-mail with the link, you simply comment on our latest post saying “I have found the G-Spot” and hit ‘like’.

For Twitter Users: You simply tweet “@EDIT_Tweets #ihavefoundthegspot” and send your twitter username in the e-mail with the link.

This competition will run for 5 days. Those who participate and find the G-spot all five days will have a better chance with 5 entries. Entrants will be thrown into the G-man’s motorcycle helmet and the lucky winner will be selected at random. Good luck to you all and remember to stay tuned for the duration of the competition if you want to win!


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