Glade Festival – It all ends in Flames and Tears

Waking up in the Big Red Funbus at a festival can be an experience, with the team loving their McEDiT McMuffins in the morning. Slap hip-hop onto the sound rig, bacon, cheese, egg and english muffin 😉 And you have the Hip Hop Kitchen! Everyone fed and happy we set out on our final journey through the Glade Festival site.

Got to say we met some casualties along the way, it was sunshining and the wind had died down when we came across this young man resting wearily against what is a very loud speaker stack 😉 How do you sleep in such a place?

The sun was out and the tunes were immense the last day of the festival, everyone was determined to get the very best out of their last day in nirvana. Andy C was on the main stage and was ripping it up! With a bass so loud and so deep that I was vibrating lying down OUTSIDE the main stage tent. As his set came to an end there was a sudden exodus to the Pyromid Stage which was surrounded by people holding aloft flares, juggling fire acrobats dancing with flames. The whole thing transported you back to a more primitive time where fire was worshiped and we gathered to worship fire.

The flares extinguished and without warning the stage we had all been dancing around all weekend suddenly exploded with fireworks and flares, before quickly catching alight. It was the perfect end to a magnificent weekend. Walking back to crash for the night in the Big Red Funbus I was grateful that the rain had stayed away. As I crept back into the van, full of happy memories and copious amounts of Rum, I snuggled into my double sleeping back and heard the tip, tappity, tip as rain came pouring down. I smiled as I realised that for one weekend, we even seemed to have controlled the weather.

Glade Festival was in essence perfection….and something I would recommend everyone to do at some point in their lives.

Glade Festival – Setting camp and exploring part 2

Having dealt with the Security and setting up camp in the camper van field it soon becomes time to get the wristbands out and venture out into the big wide world of Glade.

glade festival 2012
The Big Red Fun Bus

The clouds are threatening rain, but we venture out hoping it will hold off till we have done our intial reccy. We get 100 yards and the rain god throws everything at us,  the rain is Horizontal! It literally is coming at us sideways, its time to reasses our situation and we need to put our waterproof trousers on. Deflated and very wet we head back to Basecamp in order to gather our forces and fortify ourselves with Rum!

Gathered in the Big Red Funbus with the rain hammering into the side of the van, we genuinely thought that the entire weekend would be a washout. We set about getting our wet gear on. All kitted up the rain suddenly stopped. We looked out and miracles of miracles the sky had cleared. Glade Festival didn’t see anymore rain for the entire weekend which was a bit of a result and entirely unexpected. Of course the wind didn’t let up all weekend it was a very blustery festival, with a couple of the smaller tents being blown away in the wind and the main PsyTrance stage getting torn to shreds.

So gathering our wristbands together we hit the festival and start tagging unsuspecting festival goers with wristbands.  “There you go mate a free wristband”,

” Great, what is it?”

“Its a wristband mate it goes on your wrist!” 😉 That never got tiring all through the festival. The fun was soon short lived. “hey mate what you doing?” we are surrounded by a bunch of “security and safety” geezers. “Just handing out wristbands lads, no hassles” I open my bag and display my wares.
“Give us one then!”;

“hey help yourselves”

for your health and safety
I collect everyonedoesit wristbands and look cool

It became a feature of the weekend, the security wristband tax. they were running a competition on who could collect all the colours first apparently. Well to be fair, if I was surrounded by a festival full of wreckheads I think I too would want something to while away the day as there certainly wasn’t much to do in the way of “security”.

For those that have not been to Glade Festival it has a lot of main stages, the Pyromid stage, the PsyTrance Stage, Meteor Stage was the new stage set within a hollow in the woods. Glade also has many tents and each one has an amazing rig set up.

So loud your eyes vibrated in their sockets
One very loud physical rig – made your spleen hurt 😉

The quality of the sound at Glade is amazing although I must admit the Meteor is probably the loudest rig I have ever heard in all the years travelling to these events. Meteor used sound as its weapon to beat you into submission. You could feel the physicallity of the Bass as it assaulted your eyes and internal organs. At one point my eyes were literally vibrating with the sounds. In went the ear defenders, better safe than sorry.

Here are some of our best memories from day two of Glade. An amazing time and by the end of the day the festival knew we had been there….. final day tomorrow

We have an amazing set of photo’s over at our facebook page


Fly the Flag!
The roof got torn to shreds here later…
beware the crazy guy with the broken scissors he will haunt you!
Shattered your sore, tired psyche even more….
Where are your claws mr crab pretender?
Dont feed the Crabs

Glade Festival – Getting There and Rules is Rules

Never work with children or animals, and luckily I was due to work with neither so felt pretty safe, we had arranged the team weeks in advance. Everything was planned, the G-Man was coming out from behind his desk, Schwin was coming too and myself. So all in all a good team, I had arranged for one of my friends to meet me there and had arranged a lift for another in exchange for some wristband distribution. Fine, everything was fine, then of course came the phonecall. G-Man was down, we needed emergency crew. This news in and of itself was not disastrous but for some reason one thing then led to another. Suddenly my phone charger wasn’t working and I forgot my pillows when packing the van all these things I realised as I went to settle down enroute to Norfolk at the side of the mainline train tracks running into Euston London. Its only when you are trying to get to sleep do you hear the trains…..;)

After a fitful night sleep we loaded the van with wristbands, topped up the leisure battery for the tunes and set off for rural Norfolk, not knowing where we where going as I had also  forgotten the satnav too, I had to rely on Jack-Ass to give me directions off his mobile phone, which was coming into and out of consciousness, much like its owner. Off we went up the M1 missed the turn off and ended up maybe 30 miles out of our way, realising our mistake we turned round and headed for Kings Lynn.

For those who don’t know Glade Festival is actually held on the grounds of a rather grand country estate not too far from the Queens official residence at Sandringham. Deep in the rural heartland of Norfolk. Heading directly there, pausing only to gather a sacrificial glass bottle of wine, we trundled onto the festival site and were immmediately met with the “Search Team”.

These couple of likely lads had one thing on their minds, glass bottles full of spirits. “We are looking for alcohol mate” said Baldy, his companion furtively trying to look through my drivers window “strictly no sprits and no glass and only 12 cans of beer”. “OK Buddy, you want to look in the van?” I led him round to the entrance to the van, swung it open and they were greeted by the van chock full of camping equipment and all the stuff we had brought with us.
“Oh right well how much beer have you got?” said Mr Furtive…
“I have a couple of cans mate, was hoping to buy most of it on site” I lied fluidly.
“Got any glass?” Baldy asked, making a show of looking round. Time for the sacrificial wine “I’ve got a bottle of wine mate, but surely you are not going to take that off me?” I pretended to weasel, knowing full well – rules is rules!
“Sorry mate rules is rules, you will have to give it over”….
“OK” trying not to smile I reached into the cab, brought out my wine, decanted it into a plastic bottle and gave it over to Baldy. Judging by the look on his face he was being paid a reward per glass bottle seizure. No Worries ;).

Released by the Search Team we proceeded to swiftly set camp, a few tunes were placed on the sound system, everything was set up. Reaching into a hidden compartment I withdrew my bottle of Mount Gay Rum trying hard not to jingle it against the bottle of Jaimesons or disturb the 48 cans of Stella Artois…..Pouring a generous measure of rum to an equally generous measure of Jamaican Ginger Beer, I settled down to plan the on coming event, after all rules is rules………to be continued.