Summer is probably here and the festival season is underway and we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and see if we couldn’t put a new section together dedicated to Camping Equipment and Festival  Gear and all the things you might need for a week in the woods dodging snipers or a weekend raving in a field making best friends you’ll never see again. 


'Lewis' Dome Tent - sleeps 2 to 3 people
‘Lewis’ Dome Tent – sleeps 2 to 3 people

There’s a whole load of Camping Supplies, from your staples like 1 & 2 Man Tents and 5 Man Tents, Mummy Sleeping Bags and Camping Roll Mats, to much more luxurious camping equipment such as 3-Piece Camping Cooksets, Camping Kettles, Multi-Use Torches and Portable Solar-Heated Showers

There are items to suit travelers and backpackers too, from Mosquito Nets and All Over Body Wipes to a selection of Backpacks and Rucksacks

You will also find Camping Micro Pillows, Folding Chairs and Inflatable Chairs, Waterproof Bags and Rain Ponchos as well as Camping Lanterns, Whistles and Hot/Cold Flasks. There are even some Waterproof Matches for back-up fire lighters.

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·         Camping Equipment & Camping Supplies

·         1 & 2 Man Tents

·         5 Man Tents

·         Camping Sleeping Bags

·         Camping Roll Mats

·         Multi-Use Torches

·         Portable Solar-Heated Showers

·         Mosquito Nets

·         All Over Body Wipes

·         Backpacks

·         Rucksacks

·         Camping Micro Pillows

·         Camping Folding Chairs

·         Inflatable Chairs

·         Waterproof Bags

·         Rain Ponchos

·         Camping Lanterns

·         Whistles

·         Hot/Cold Flasks

·         Waterproof Matches

·         Glow Sticks         

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